Automatic test process optimization autoTune

Process parameters that are set wrongly or in a non-optimal fashion are the most frequent cause for measurement errors in leakage tests. Test process duration that was set too long causes unnecessary machine run times and thus considerable cost. Too short process times often lead to false rejections or faulty tests. Truly optimal setting of parameters has so far been a matter of great experience or extensive measurement series.

This problem is solved automatically by the intelligent leakage test system INTEGRA with its optionally available autoTune method. Using a sample test specimen, INTEGRA determines automatically the optimal process parameters after a few characteristics have been entered which can be taken from a drawing. The necessary reproducibility is accomplished with the shortest possible process time. When using a Test Leak, the process capability of the automatically determined parameters is automatically proven. For this process, mathematical methods are used that were defined in our patent-protected differential method.

Advantages of the automatic test process optimization autoTune:

  • Process reliability
  • Low machine cost
  • Reduction of false rejections
  • Less effort for putting into operation
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