Adjustment tools

Adjustment tools

Measuring and testing systems should be checked, calibrated and, if necessary, adjusted at regular intervals.
These tasks often require highly qualified specialists having the appropriate professional knowledge for the measuring and testing system and special calibrated measuring devices.

We manufacture individually assembled adjustment tools tailored to your requirements, easy to use and equipped with protective devices for the sensitive measuring instruments.

For example, we can offer adjustment tools for combined leakage and flow measuring devices. A selection switch allows for example to choose between the following basic functions:

  • Presetting a defined pressure for calibration or adjustment of pressure pick-ups, manometers and manometric switches
  • Measuring a pressure for adjusting a test pressure control
  • Measuring a flow for adjusting a volume flow preset valve

From our many years of experience in the area of fluid measuring and testing technology, we have the knowledge to select the components suitable for your requirements.

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