Flow Testing Devices

Flow testing devices are especially suited for testing parts with very large filling volume and for medium to large admissible leakage rates. Particularly in the manufacturing of exhaust systems or other big sheet metal cases our devices are used.

But also in the control of pass or to verify unwanted restrictions in tubes or channels our flow devices provide excellent possibilities in a wide measuring range.

Another scope is the inspection of air permeable materials like membranes or filters.

For the flow method the test piece is filled via a bypass pipe with large diameter. At the end of the filling process, the bypass valve is closed. The air escaping from the test piece is led to a flow sensor. After an adjustable stabilisation period, the measured flow is evaluated.
For measuring, either a mass-flow sensor (mass flow measurement) or a Laminar-Flow-Element with a differential pressure transmitter (volume flow) is used.
For the mass-flow measurement, the temperature difference of the airflow between input and output of a heated measuring channel is measured.
With volume-flow measurement, the difference in pressure in a laminar flow serves as measuring value
for the flow. 

According to the required range of functions and ease of use you can choose between two device families:
The LTS 673 with standard range for beginners or from our device family INTEGRA.

The INTEGRA DF1 provides highest ease of use using volume-flow method and INTEGRA DFM can be used for comparatively low leakage rates due to its modular mass-flow sensor system.

All devices have excellent performances regarding the measuring resolution and the robustness, they are easy to use and have manifold abilities of data communication.

And if you need something very special, we are able to offer specific devices with custom made applications as well.

A multitude of useful accessories like calibration and monitoring tools, test connectors, etc. completes the range of test devices.

>> Besides our devices and accessories we also supply complete test stands and fully automatic test machines. Have a look to our turnkey solutions here.



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