Automotive Teile

Turn-key solutions for testing Automotive Parts:

Test machine for fuel tank isolation valves

Mechanical, electrical and fluidical tests

  • fully automatic handling by using 6-axis robot with double-gripper
  • modular measurement equipment by using interchangeable test circuits
  • parts fixtures designed as interchangeable tools
  • fully automated pneumatical and electrical adaption
  • vision test of completeness, DMC and other marks
  • leakage test using overpressure and vacuum
  • back pressure test using overpressure and vacuum
  • flow measuring under controlled pressure and vacuum
  • measurement of current consumption under different operating conditions
  • measurement of opening and closing voltage
  • definition of the inductive resistance at the valve
  • straightness test of the contact pins
  • individual part labeling by using pin marker
  • automatic packing and placing in specific trays

Test machine for diesel pistons

Helium leakage test for hermetical sealed pistons

  • fully automatic test run
  • buffer for 20 min self-sufficient mode
  • high precision leakage test by using helium bombing-test
  • 40 sec cycle time
  • 14 bombing-chambers, automatic feeding via gripper system
  • good part labeling by using pin marker
  • automatic ok/nok sorting



Test bench for battery cooling pipes

Using Helium Accumulation Method

  • Leakage testing of welded cooling pipes for e-mobility
  • 6 different formates
  • easy tool changing by using quick connectors
  • control by PLC Siemens S7
  • remote control possible
  • cycle time 30 sec
  • OK parts marking by punch marker

Test bench for exhaust flap

Assembly, leakage and functional test

  • 4-position indexing table
  • semi-automatic screw assembly incl. torque and angle monitoring
  • internal and external leakage test using INTEGRA leakage testing system
  • electric functional test of flap rotation
  • automatic labling of good parts with print monitoring by DMC-scanner
  • automatic OK/NOK sorting into 2 conveyor belts using servo-pneumatic axis
  • suitable for 3 different types of flaps





Leakage testing of brake pipes with helium

High-pressure test equipment

  • Leakage testing of different brake pipes with helium gas
  • Test pressure 200/6 bar
  • Helium gas rcovery integrated incl. high-pressure generation
  • Double chamber system for 2x2 test pieces
  • Volume of chamber 2x280 liters
  • 5 different types using totally 10 changing devices
  • Marking of OK parts using color point and label print

Testing equipment for truck cylinder-head covers



More Automotive solutions:

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