Diecast parts

Turn-key solutions for testing castings:

Laser-marking machine for battery brackets

DMC marking with laser

  • processing of 4 types possible
  • 4-station round table with 10 sec cycle
  • marking with DMC by using laser marking system
  • automatic part identification by using vision system
  • automatic part sorting by using gripper portal and belt conveyor



Assembly and leakage test machine for oil pans

Leakage test and screw assembling

  • manual pre-assembling of drain screw and sealing
  • 4-station round table with filling elements to reduce volume
  • leakage test according differential pressure method using Leakage Testing System INTEGRA smart
  • automatic srew feeding via vibration coil feeder and bunker
  • assembly of 19 Axi-Rad® screws by using scara-robot
  • controlled force fitting and axial positioning of the screws
  • DMC good part labeling by laser-marking



Test stand for truck motor blocks



Testing of bearing cases

Assembly and leak test station

  • Automatic pressing of 2 bowls in bores shifted by about 90°, inclusive force/distance monitoring
  • Leak testing in 2 test volumes parallel with leakage testing system INTEGRA and one additional test circuit
  • Conveyor belt with specific fixtures according the geometry of the specimen
  • 4-position indexing table with 4 seats, each 90° slewable
  • Part handling with 2 linear units and grippers
  • Automatic sorting into good and bad parts by a twice-shared conveyor belt
  • Machine control by PLC
  • Marking of Good part indicationusing marking punch

More solutions for castings:

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