Helium accumulation method

Testing medium: Helium

Detectable leakage rates: >0.001 cc/min

Test specimen is pressurized. Through leakages test gas emerges into a chamber enclosing the test specimen. The test gas is homogenized by a fan. Thru extraction of a gas sample the helium concentration is determined. After calibration with a test leak the overall leakage rate can be determined quantitatively.

Functional principle helium accumulation method


  • low leakage rates detectable
  • no vacuum in the test chamber necessary
  • no influence on the measurement result through thermal effects
  • cost-efficient and maintenance-free sensor system


  • for complex test specimen geometries, homogenization of test gas difficult under atmospheric pressure
  • eventually high extension of cycle time caused by helium contamination in test chamber
  • disturbances through natural occurrence of helium in the atmosphere
  • often unsuitable for testing plastic parts due to high permeation of helium

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