Contract testing

Our in-house machinery and equipment pool is ideally suited to carry out leakage tests for our customers under job orders.

Contract testing is especially interesting

  • for testing pre-series samples,
  • if a testing installation or device is required only for a limited time,
  • if you need the tests only occasionally,
  • if you do not have the personnel to carry out the tests or
  • if you do not have suitable testing devices to carry out the tests.

We are able to execute tests as follows:

  • Leakage tests according to differential pressure method
  • Leakage tests using Helium as tracer gas (integral test or localisation test)
  • Flow tests using air or water
  • Leakage tests using Hydrogen method
  • Burst pressure tests using air or water
  • Leakage tests under water using dip tank
  • Testings of medical face masks [read more]

The required testing appliances or adaptations can be designed and manufactured by us, if required.

Testing is carried out and documented by trained professional personnel. All relevant data like testing results, parameters, statistics, etc. are of course treated confidentially and handed over to you after completion.

Our sales department will be happy to work out an individual offer for you.



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