Turn-key solutions for testing plastic parts:

Testing equipment for truck cylinder-head covers



Universal test stand for activated carbon filters

Leakage, Flow and Functional testing

  • Controlled by a leakage testing system in special variant
  • Graphical display of testing process
  • Quick change hook-ups for various testing devices
  • Integrated hot stamp for good part marking
  • Possibility to integrate a bad part ejection shaft

Testing of heating elements

Helium leakage testing equipment

  • Integral helium leakage test according to the vacuum method
  • Switchable to leakage localisation
  • Easy to use by slewable vacuum chamber with weight relief
  • Adjustable testing device for different types of test specimens
  • Good part indication using automatic marking punch
  • Machine and process control by PLC

Test station for cylinder-head covers

Functional testing, completeness check and leakage testing

  • Leakage and functional test in 3 steps with leakage testing system INTEGRA leakage testing system and additional test circuit
  • Attendance and assembling check of rubber elements and screws with vision system NeuroCheck®
  • Simulation of tighten forces by pneumatic/ hydraulic press
  • Manually loading on pneumatic cross slide
  • Part number recognition by Data-Matrix code
  • Part handling via electric/pneumatically linear unit with vacuum gripper system
  • Good part indication using scratch stamping
  • Bad parts management using controlled trays
  • Machine control by PLC

More solutions for plastic parts:

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